Gnebriated Gnome

Party Members

In an era of ill luck and pestilence, one gnome dared to challenge the dark gloom and open a Rum distillery, but he couldn’t do it alone. Many adventurers have come together to conquer adversity, malchance, and plague so the world can drink good Rum, laugh, and enjoy respite from the hard times.

These are the hearty souls who’ve battled, conquered, and drunk, and left their mark on the Gnebriated Gnome.

Lords & Ladies

“When you open the door to the Gnebriated Gnome, the barkeep calls your name and the level of noise in the place drops as the other customers nod respectfully. The barkeep pulls a big brass key from his pocket and opens that big door that leads to your private reserved table. You know it’s going to be a fun night. A wooden plaque on the wall shows that you are a special patron of the distillery. The barkeeper will read your name every day, remembering your part in the quest with deep gratitude.”


“The barkeep nods respectfully when you enter, eager to see your wares. He pours you a Rum as he inspects what you’ve brought and you gladly settle into the chair that is always reserved for you.”


“You enter the Gnebriated Gnome, your favorite Rum distillery, settle in at a table, and the serving wench bustles over to take your order, greeting you by name.”


“You walk into the Gnebriated Gnome and flip the barkeep a copper. He brings you your Rum as you fight for space at the bar. He smiles, grateful for your business.”